Healing in past life regression (PLR)

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A unique treatment integrating Kabbalah, healing of the body and soul. Comprehending behaviours and patterns that constitute a barrier in our lives. The treatment is held as a single continuous meeting lasting between two to three hours or divided into several meetings according to the patient’s will.

This method is based on extensive research and thousands of treatments demonstrating immediate results. This method identify the source to the problem – which is mostly hidden from our daily life and can be viewed in PSL session, changing the reality in previous life has direct impact on both dimensions.

the treatment method?

The session starts with guided meditation until the patient goes into a meditative process in which both of us participate. Throughout the session we both talk about what you experience and change the reality that led to the issue you go though in this life. It has been proven that it is possible to “engrave” a new reality in the brain and the brain accepts it as a real viable reality, this is completely scientific.
It is emotional, physical, energetic and powerful experience that carry results almost immediately.

for whom is the process suitable?

  • For you, the one who desires to free him/herself from the recurring patterns in your life, from the feeling of being stuck and treading the same path for some time.
  • For you, the one who seeks to enrich his/her life with insights and tools which assist you to develop and advance in your life.
  • For the ones who go through problems in their relationships whether it is a problem with in their loved ones, intimacy, relationship between parents and children, various kinds of anxieties: aqua-phobia (fear of water), claustrophobia (fear of small enclosed places), and fear of success. As well as for the ones whom struggle financially, socially or disconnection/ a feeling of detachment from reality and lack of connection to world/daily life.

are several treatments required?

Usually a single focused treatment will provide a response for the problem. It is important to identify the primary hidden source and ask the most accurate question and this should suffice. Sometimes, the patient requests to clarify more patterns in their lives and so they will schedule additional meetings.

it is intimidating, why should we experience this?

It is not possible to treat a problem if it cannot be identified, only by observing and seeing the problem – comprehending its implications – those changes allow the patient to remove it’s blockage and release itself from the given situation. The best tool for a human being to develop is through his/her emotions, the way we take action/responsibility starts from our emotional state and only afterwards the thoughts and intelligence come along.

past life regression – what does it involve?

It is important to say that the process of Past Life Regression means allowing a person to assume responsibility over his/her life, and from the mere fact that it liberates the patient from past traumas, harsh experiences, emotional pains and more, it also conceals within long-lasting reactions. Although not unbearable reactions yet reactions that are derived directly from the treatment and from the mere healing of the soul itself. These reactions include: physical weakness, excessive vigour, headaches, various body pains, digestion problems, seeking personal insights and conclusions etc.

This is a slightly lengthy process which lasts at least two hours, yet it enables comprehension, release and guidance of your life’s puzzle. A personal and extremely spiritual experience that connects you to the root of your essence. To know what is your designation? What is the main change that is required in the root of our soul in this reincarnation – in this life? It integrates Kabbalistic Medicine for strengthening the physical dimension in which the soul resides.

Whom does this suit?

Every person who desires to improve the quality of his life and introduce happiness, acceptance and joy into them. Anxieties, depressions, blockages in his personal and professional life, complex and harsh relationships, relationships that require strengthening and guidance, for every person who fears change, failure of success.

an exciting and empowering experience which sometimes brings about encounters with souls that have passed away and seek to transmit messages.

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Healing in past life regression (PLR)

WHAT IS PAST LIFE REGRESSION? A unique treatment integrating Kabbalah, healing of the body and soul. Comprehending behaviours and patterns that constitute a barrier in our lives. The treatment is held as a single continuous meeting lasting between two to three hours or divided into several meetings according to the patient’s will. This method is […]

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They were the reason, the cause and the true essence of my soul exploration when it began its path of transformation. If it were not for them, I wouldn’t have been here today. By choosing me as their mother, they enabled me to grow, evolve, hurt, feel and change.
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