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It lives up to its name, the healing of fate!

The understanding and recognition of the responsibility for our actions, comprises the primary basis for this treatment method.

The Holy Zohar states that: “All is foreseen, but freedom of choice is given”, every action and every activity in our lives can be altered, it can become a renewed opportunity by choice. When we take the reins of our lives and comprehend that we are the captains of our own ships, wherever we go, we can get there as there is no limit.

Yet one condition must exist in order for this to become possible, assuming responsibility for our own actions. Every action we took in other lives and during this life, possesses direct impact on our present situation currently.

The conventional medicine accepts holistic therapies more and more, since it has been proved that most diseases are psychosomatic and that the mental state cause the illness to occur/translates as a abnormality within the body. An illness is a feeling that does not function at all or which functions incorrectly in our body which later creates a disease that will make us shift our attention to the problem, sorry, to the result! Yes, since the problem is more deep-seated, rooted, and the disease is its projection.

This is a focused treatment, which exhausts most of the blockages and difficulties in our lives, identifies the source and enables stimulation, fulfilment and the acceptance of adjusted tools for the sequel.

Karma-therapy allows us to reach the root of the disease which is concealed from our physical eyes, whether this is a disease that harms our professional development, relationships, growth in life, success or even physical diseases.

Every person requires different tools and due to the expansive toolbox that contains the best treatment methods, each one concentrating on a different focus and the diverse implications on certain layers in our lives, we have a winning toolbox. To remove the root of the pain, the blockage, the illness etc., and to enable a life filled with fulfilment, love and possessing a quality of life that fertilises all the relevant areas.

Whom does this suit?
Anxieties of any kind, identification of the anxiety, its origin and the immediate treatment required. Depression, stress situations, fertility problems, different relationships: spouses, parents and children, work colleagues and more. Health problems, personal-professional development, blockages and guidance.

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Mediumship – a personal meeting in which we shall provide responses for essential questions, allowing guidance and advice for the rest of the way. This is a guidance and focus tool for human beings, not intended for predicting or revealing future events but aimed at guiding and allowing a person to get on the right […]


Healing by means of Reconnection Reconnection is a healing art without any human intervention. Connecting to the primary source from which we emerged – the universe, the Creation, enabling us to access new-old frequencies (vibrations). The connection processes by means of “Reconnection” evoke the key to understanding this new level of “renewed” healing – Reconnection. […]

Kabbalistic Medicine

Kabbalistic Medicine – letters are also a tool for external expression for human beings. The root of the soul, the name of the soul which is composed of connections to the uppermost worlds. Each one has 3 dimensions – different layers. Therefore, each day, month and year possess specific letters such that vitality and divine […]

Healing in past life regression (PLR)

WHAT IS PAST LIFE REGRESSION? A unique treatment integrating Kabbalah, healing of the body and soul. Comprehending behaviours and patterns that constitute a barrier in our lives. The treatment is held as a single continuous meeting lasting between two to three hours or divided into several meetings according to the patient’s will. This method is […]

Energy wash-out

A diagnostic therapeutic method that refers to a human being as a unique spiritual essence composed of a body, a mind and a soul which can be defined by scientific terms based on ideas and terms existent in Quantum Physics. The method’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it clearly and fully defines the connection […]

Vibrational Medicine

The basis for this treatment theory is the attainment of a state of health and wholeness by means of frequencies (vibrations) that connect systemic principles, which verify evidence attesting that connected things bring about perfection. The frequencies enable a connection to a universal system composed of energy, light and knowledge. This connection is executed via […]

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סיגלית גוסטר


I am a mother for five amazing girls.
They were the reason, the cause and the true essence of my soul exploration when it began its path of transformation. If it were not for them, I wouldn’t have been here today. By choosing me as their mother, they enabled me to grow, evolve, hurt, feel and change.
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