The term Karma – meaning Fate in the Sanskrit language, an ancient Indian language, and Therapy – meaning healing. And what is destiny?

Destiny is perceived as a force that one cannot resist, which determines the future. Destiny healing – is there such a thing? Do we have the ability to heal our destiny? And more than that, do we have the ability to change our lives? And why is this so important? How will it assist us in our daily reality? Today, more than ever, conventional medicine is able to see the connection between body and soul and it comprehends that when someone has experienced a certain experience, he projects it over his entire body.

Every thought that comes into our is mind has a frequency (vibration) that transmits a signal to the body, which executes the thought’s result. This connection is required and it is impossible to separate between the soul – mind - body dimensions.

The initial basic comprehension is that our entire lives today are a result of our past deeds, a very faraway past and a closer past, and in order to understand the comprehension that is required from us, we must understand who we are? Who is the person that stands here before us: a human being – a soul – an active human – a being (an entity).

All these are correct and much more than we can ever perceive or understand within the intellectual restrictedness that we were awarded, here in our lives. The effects of our past actions are manifested by the form and the manner in which we make decisions, carry them out and realize our existence in the physical reality.
The most important thing we must remember is that a person is responsible for his actions, his deeds and his conduct in this life. Therefore, every action carried out by a person from his day of birth…and the most significant innovation is: from before he was born into the physical reality of here and now. We shall return to this in the sequel.

Destiny is the “identity card” of a human being – the soul within him, which reflects diverse layers of daily learning and doing. It is impossible that experiences that weaken us, or alternatively empower us, allow us to experience a whole life of success, failure, disorder, confusion, inability to realize, without having the ability to take control over our lives. “All is foreseen, but freedom of choice is given”, the Jewish Kabbalah speaks about the free choice of man and the ability to create a change in his life, “therefore choose life” – the Torah speaks about choosing the good and life.

The Quantum Theory teaches us that there is no time and that the diverse realities occur simultaneously in parallel universes. The Secret Doctrine (mysticism) – the scientific proof that thoughts create reality (the movies “Bleep” and “The Secret”), the Book of Creation written by Abraham (the Patriarch) – the Jewish Kabbalah speaks about this ancient secret, that thoughts create reality and produce reality.
“The Journey of Souls” (by Dr. Michael Newton) and “Many Masters, Many Lives” (by Dr. Brian Weiss) are the beginning of spiritual journeys that were documented by qualified psychiatrists that researched and explored the human psyche and its activities.

We are exposed to information that scientifically proves the existence of a connection between soul – mind - fate and human beings, diverse spiritual theories that speak about parallel worlds, free choice and the creation of reality. Influences that come into being without understanding their origin. So who is the human being?
The human being is an active creature possessing an active existence within – a super-awareness called “soul”. A soul is a real formless entity which is embodied within the human being’s physical body. The soul is the “engine” that activates all the body’s systems: mind -emotion - experience, thought – brain - learning and values - diverse reflections.

The soul does not depend on the physical body, on the contrary, the soul is the one that enables the physical body “to be alive”, awakens every physical layer existent within the human being’s physical body, it is eternal, infinite, it originates from the Creation – the infinity – the source of light, therefore it is called a life spark – a body of light. It does not depend on the physics laws of the universe. It exists simultaneously in several layers allowing it the use of different laws. A body without an engine - soul cannot exist. It is possible to replace a heart, kidneys and other organs but a soul cannot be replaced. Hence, we can see that the soul’s role is expansive, a main role that allows moral standards, ethics and emotions lead the human being onward in his daily journey. Without a soul – there is no life!

he only way to live a happy, fulfilled life is to create situations that empower a person during his life within all the areas that encompass him. To be within a direct supporting connection between all the layers of the soul, though vastly different, like onion crusts, all forming a single existence yet each one possessing its own independence at the same time. This is the soul, in this life and in others…to which we will be exposed. Why do we need an “identification card” that will define who we are in this realistic world? Where does it come from? And where does it go? What is right for it? Will these deeds advance its life? And many other good questions that we ask, seek with different strange tools we never imagined we’d ever possess. Indeed yes, if I became a party leader, I achieved this role due to my leadership skills, to lead with the principles that individualize me from others. I own the qualities that comply with the different requirements, but quite often I find myself in a chaos of situations and events that repeat themselves again and again in my life, without understanding why I am repeatedly forced to learn them, to cope with them and hurt…

As an eternal soul that exists beyond the terrestrial physical laws, which is reflected as a huge fan of experiences, we understand that much before, in my existent reality, I have experienced experiences whose influence haunts me to this day. The belief in another life, before I arrived to the present reality, is the motive that complements the current puzzle. The belief in another life has always been accepted by diverse cultures throughout the world: Indians from India, American Indians, Aztecs and other diverse religions, from Judaism and Christianity and until Islam.

The comprehension that the soul is the instrument through which humans experience spiritual learning and development as well as growth within all the fields in their lives. Therefore, emotions are the “heart” of the spiritual soul and they allow us to experience joyful emotional experiences that empower us and challenge us to discover new layers of happiness and fulfillment. And alternatively, experiences of pain and disappointment that weaken us and torment our souls and bodies until the human soul breaks apart…experiences a physical disease, until, God forbid, death.
“All is foreseen, but freedom of choice is given” is the comprehension that our lives are the product of our actions, they are the concoction of our deeds which define us here and now. But humans experience experiences of fears to which they are not exposed in their natural surroundings: fear from existential survival: a person lives in a good well-established house, where he is not short of anything, yet the anxieties paralyze him until reaching terrifying situations that require the usage of medications and, God forbid, extreme conditions of “life paralysis”, physical survival. Is there any reason why this person must experience such a destructive life conduct, without any control over his life? Unless he brought the “virus” with him into this life. And this is a very simple example when in practice the real “situations” that arrive for treatment, asking for help, are very powerful, astounding and touching at the same time. Since we ask to learn more and to understand more, I have asked to research the spiritual journey of the soul.

The spiritual journey of the soul is expressed in the Jewish Kabbalah by accepting the comprehension that all the souls were created from one and eventually they split into many shards.
Every shard desires to identify and define itself, its experiences and its connection to the world in the physical reality. Therefore, every experience will assist this spark of light to return to the primary source, to be an illuminated complete body of light. Throughout our different journeys, we will request to identify patterns, blockages and influences of deeds that have left their mark in our souls and challenge them again and again to identify the hardship that faces them, and these may occur only by identifying the first source of the problem – the root - amendment of the soul.
I have found that the amendment of the root of the soul is one of the most empowering tools that allow an amendment which is manifested almost immediately in the daily reality. This becomes possible primarily thanks to the ability to “identify” missing and lost particles of the soul’s shards and returning them physically to the human being. Like an empowered charged battery. Every weakening and hurting experience made us wear on our bodies, the physical and energetic-soul, a protective garment, a transparent-opaque cover that does not allow any visibility through this garment. Thus, that transparent onion becomes in part an onion with opaque coverings that prevent the divine body of light from becoming illuminated at the fullest output and existence possible. Those same opaque layers are the viruses that must be removed in order to enable the body of light to shine in full force. This is the soul in person, this is the existence called a human being. Hence, when we remove these layers that were meant to emotionally protect the experience that occurred in reality, only then we shall contend with the insights and the implications of our actions before…here…and now.

Consequently, the understanding of these layers together, enables us to assist a person in finding the balance in his life. An understanding regarding the continuation of his path. The connection to the inner self within him which seeks to utilize to the fullest the best things in his life, to lead him to sources of fulfillment and happiness, realization and personal empowerment. It is true that it is possible to work and strengthen every layer separately but why shouldn’t we empower the person who seeks our help with a full simultaneous connection together?

To this end, these layers connect in order to create a bridge that will lead the person to a substantive understanding of his condition, amendment and transformation of the situation as much as possible – death and life solely by the hands of the Creator! And finally, the receipt of tools for the future that will allow him to fulfill the understanding, the required implications and the future empowerment over his life.
More than once people ask others to bear the responsibility for them, but unfortunately this is not feasible. All of life’s expectancy and the human’s essence as a soul, is to develop and expand. As much as it expands, it is illuminated and the illumination and enlightenment erupt from it – sending rays of light to others, allowing them to come near the great light: the light of infinity – God – Divinity. This is a very powerful tool which is presently available as part of a collective and a personal change of awareness – to take responsibility and generate a real change. And yes, everyone can – of course in the pace at which he can absorb his life, but still it is a right and a possibility to choose life!

“Create for me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me”.

This is the required connection between a human being, the universe and the Primary Creator.


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