A spiritual development over Mediumship and Past Life Regression (PLR).

During my spiritual journeys as a medium and Mediumship sessions with the uppermost worlds, I have experienced experiences in which I received answers to patterns, situations that hardened, facilitated or dragged me in my life. None of these could prepare me for this new journey in my life.

As a Jew, I cannot ignore the Jewish aspect that accompanies me in the endless misgivings and debating of the Jewish people. The difference, the essence and the gifts that we were awarded. In my personal journeys, I have discovered that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is my main guide but I still did not connect between the things. The Zohar (The Book of Creation) – the Kabbalah books that speak about the world’s Creation, always seemed unrealistic to me, for the understanding of a woman who had to contend with the difficulty to survive and sustain herself, to examine how the world was created.

And here, to my great surprise:

With my devotion to the energy of Reconnection, and my authorization and conscious desire to be connected to the universe – the universe’s meridians and our planet, I allowed the universe to broaden and provide me with new information. The Kabbalah Theory has become since long ago a secret theory which is being taught and researched by many diverse cultures, not necessarily Judaism, that connect to the vast concealed knowledge. Here a door opened before me, to the uppermost worlds, a door of comprehensions and connections – since Reconnection is beyond the comprehension of connecting to a meridian – the planet and the universe constitute a connection to the highest intelligence of the universe or to the divine intelligence itself, and here exists a clarification and a physical scientific connection to the world of the souls and the theory of the occult. And everything is written and visible to me, and now to you as well.

Matter – Science – Past Life Regression (PLR)

Everyone speaks about transitioning between dimensions, the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions and certainly there are other hidden dimensions as well. Fortunately, science has already proved the existence of the third and fourth dimension and currently it accepts through evidence and explanations the existence of the fifth dimension, a dimension that allows us access to knowledge – information, light and healing.

This is an innovative-old message since we came from the Creation and we contain within us the Creation, that same existence that allows this knowledge to be durable and sustainable.
The comparison of Divinity to the human body has existed since the dawn of time, “man was created in his own image”, energy is matter and light = our body is energy = a body of light – which carries within it electrical charges and chemical reactions like these and others, creating an electrical reaction of the nervous system controlled by the brain.
By means of the physical body, we experience cleansing and balancing of excess energies that have accumulated in our long fibers – the meridians – the energy channels.

Light and information pass through the DNA and RNA strands

Every cell comprises an information composition which transfers genetic information essential to the intact and proper continuance of the cell. every cell is like a hollow bead, it is said that everything is created out of nothing, and even there, “nothing” is “something”, like the light passing between those beads, it constitutes a “string” of light that connects them. Every cell is a bead of light transmitting energy between the cells and creating a sequence of energy – light – information which is encountered within each and every one of them. All the energy of our planet is transmitted by a wave – voice frequency– vibration – resonance to another cell, to another place. Resonance is the possibility to transfer information and light.
Man has emerged from Creation and he was a body of pure light that came out to experience the physical reality, when every learning and experience – strengthening and empowering or alternatively – hurting, creating an energetic protective wall that enveloped the body of light in order to protect and safeguard it. Thus, with every physical reality – a new reincarnation, the soul experiences the gathering of peels and crusts that protect it against those traumas and experiences which led to the situation where the physical body is wrapped by a cluster of energy bodies, that embrace us beyond our bodies, etheric – astral – emotional – intellectual – spiritual.

This is actually the theory of soul’s reincarnation from another life and introducing this or another energy karma. By experiencing life in this world, it constitutes a connection to the physical reality and in order to understand this, it is necessary to comprehend the structure of the Creation.
According to the Kabbalah, everything in the world has been created by dots, one dot that was added to another dot and yet another one until they became a line, and in order for the line to become something – containing something within, every line became a circle. A circle which found within it the containment of something, anything we choose to fill it with, will become its contents. As the dot expanded and grew, it became the whole wide world.
The world’s Creator also began with a Creation that developed and contained our world – and he created more Creations around him - diverse worlds, and the line connecting between them enables access to other worlds, until reaching the world’s Creator, the source.
God – the infinite light, man – a body of light, a spark that comes from light, the end of light.
This is how the world of Creation looks like, when man is on Earth and the figure of the “prehistoric man” – the light of infinity, God, is present in the endless expanses of the universe.
Here is the Kabbalistic tree of spheres which describes the worlds that were created one by one, with the connections between them and the Divinity – the light of infinity, we are in a sphere of monarchy.

The denser the energy in the world, the more it constitutes a tangible physical matter, the more the energy - awareness expands and moves away from the physical reality, the lighter it becomes, expanding and spreading out. Therefore, the more we exist in the physical reality on Earth, we contain more darkness within, and the more we seek to reach out and connect to God, we experience enlightenment.

Therefore, the light of infinity is an enormous “something” containing divine light, and if we were in a body of pure light, collecting “crusts” that slow down and conceal and harm the quality of light within us, then with every “experience” – a reincarnation that the body has experienced, trauma, pain and a cover protecting that same body of light, the entire placenta – the peeling of a crust, and such an experience allows the body of light to be in full existence, a complete realization under divine potential.
All the worlds of Creation are connected in waves, frequencies (vibrations) of energy that connect to infinity. This can be accomplished by an energetic wave that traverses and crosses the circle of life, connecting to the information, to the divine source, and from there arriving to the specific point from which the soul experiences the source of the crust, the entire placenta of the crust, enabling absorption and exposure of the body of light which remains in the existent circle of life, bringing it back to the condensed reality, allowing its empowerment and light that expand in the circle of life within it. The Reconnection.

And here is the most important discovery of Reconnection:

Dr. Eric Pearl has introduced one of the most important keys brought by The Zohar as a method intended for healing the human being’s empowerment, processes and reconnection of all the bodies of light of the soul in its full existence. Reconnection speaks about light-energy information and healing when energy - light exists within the DNA. A Reconnection frequency (vibration) is a wave that connects to infinity through the diverse bodies, creating a passage between all the worlds of Creation and enabling the absorption of information from the essence of the soul, as it emerged from Creation, and bringing the mother’s software to the physical existence that will be realized and will synchronize the different bodies.
The disorder, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sickness created blockages, a time distortion, a distortion within the nerves bodies, in the light frequencies (vibrations) that nourish our soul, and now there is a permission – access, connection and shortening of procedures that allow balancing, regulation and healing of our most compressed body until the expansion of the mental spiritual awareness.
This healing energy is unique to this time in which we were notified about cosmic, spiritual changes – from different cultures. Physical changes in Earth and human beings. The Kabbalah speaks about salvation (redemption), the message of Divinity, as a love that embraces us forever and connects between all of us as a single, complete, fertilizing and empowering grid.
The energetic grid that embraces the lines – the axinal tonal axinal lines system is the nervous system of the universe. Each axinal tonal is a wave containing three main components of the “Divine nerve”, a polymer, neuron and neutron, a strand that contains diverse frequencies (vibrations) and each point within the energetic grid is a human being – a connection point to the Divine infinity.
Therefore, the response speed equals the speed of light, like a “shower head in a shower” that organizes the neural matrix, hence the reactions are neural and immediate, which experience an immediate physical change, in the physical body.
The comparison of Divinity to the human body: “man was created in his own image”, allows us to understand that we are the reflection of Creation, an embodiment: a spark shard reflecting from the source (all the senses and the bodies), our planet is located at the base of the worlds of Creation, only here, in the most compressed reality, it is possible to learn and develop and create worlds of achievement.
It has already been proved that thoughts create - the Quantum Theory.
Therefore, the primary reality in our most condensed existence, in which we feel matter, is the Earth – a sphere of monarchy according to the Kabbalah. This is an illustration of the divine system existent in the universe, our location in it and the grid connections connecting between worlds and human beings.

And now we shall continue with the simulation, which is a simulation of the nervous system of Divinity

The “Heart of God” is found in its physical location in the Land of Israel, and from there originate the sensitivity, the vicissitudes, the wars and the emotions that it raises, the desire to control and fight over the “Heart of God” exists in the heart of humanity from the dawn of time, coming from a foreknowledge to be close to God, to a heart full of love and kindness.

The “Brain of God” is the main power station of divinity, every human brain is a home electrical box that constitutes a connection point in the Divine grid. Every cut-off between the “Divine brain” and the connection, distances us from the source of nourishment and “disconnects” us from it.

It allows the system to remember the reconstruction process and “electric” shocks, the Reconnection, gentleness and softness connects between them.

During Reconnection, an accurate process is carried out, connecting points, “nerves” from the human being to the planet and to Divinity. The book “The Keys of Enoch”, was written by the scientist Dr. James.J. Hurtak.
he triangle – its geometric shape is the biophysical base that creates balance in the heart and the circulatory system. The physical body is supported by fine quavering light waves that contain light fibers, just like a magnet, creating a proper construction. Imbalance and disorder in the strands of light create a flow cutoff and withdrawal. The connections allow full nourishment and a focus on the light track, just like a runway, a control tower and lanes.
Surrounding circular rings – the aura, while ascending and descending triangles are the carriage.
Accessibility to the appropriate information is achieved according to the connections. The “time worm” Newton talked about is actually an entrance into countless circles that create the hole – bead…a chain.
From here we can understand that if we are connected to the potential, to the “prehistoric man”, we are being nourished directly by the light of infinity. The pyramidal form, when it descends downwards and ascends upwards, creates an activation of a grid which traverses and connects them. Like a ping-pong net – the ball touches the net – a prehistoric man provides information – shares information and returns back with the information.

Other planets were “allowed” to obtain access and connection from the same awareness of the primary brain, therefore they are advancing in time, in technology and the diverse possibilities. They are the ones that accompany us to the next development, to rise to the next dimension. Every 26,000 years the Earth changes its axis revolution angle, 26 = in Hebrew Jehova (God). The name of God is existence, every existence exists for 26,000 years before it receives an option to change the state of awareness, worlds are being built simultaneously, preparing for the next Creation.
Judaism speaks about the salvation (redemption) – changing the state of awareness, the Mayan culture transferred to us the calendar until 20,122, Nostradamus, the Indians, the Egyptian culture, the Koran and the New Testament also bring future messages into this era.
Indeed, all of us come from different cultures and worlds, but one thing is sure: we all came from the same source of infinite light, a body of light that expresses itself as a human being in reality.
Isn’t it exciting to experience for the first time how spirit - acceptance, matter - Past Life Regressions and science – Reconnection - medicine find a way to communicate, to empower and explain our existential essence.
All of these are supported by the Creation, the Divinity and the light of infinity.
Wish you all have a wonderful Reconnection.
With great love and thanks to my beloved guides and the Creator of the world, who allowed me to pass this information to you.

סיגלית גוסטר


I am a mother for five amazing girls.
They were the reason, the cause and the true essence of my soul exploration when it began its path of transformation. If it were not for them, I wouldn’t have been here today. By choosing me as their mother, they enabled me to grow, evolve, hurt, feel and change.
2019 Sigalit Guster
Digital Workshop
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