imagination, Past life regression (plr) and reconnection

Through the body’s sensation in water, arose the feelings that gave rise to these insights and enlightenments. The flotation on the water brought up a distant memory of something familiar and known…from where? And this is how it began: where does this memory come from? Maybe it is just a figment of my imagination and nothing else?

What is the imagination?

What is imaginary as opposed to an existent knowledge? There is no imagination. Imagination comprises the remaining memories of a person – shards of memories from other places and other lives. Usually, imagination is considered to be a prolific human invention. No one has ever proved what imagination really is. How can we describe it? And where does the definition “imagination” come from? Imagination is a “dummy” experience behind the real one which was experienced by our soul in other lives and other places, since wild imagination must come from somewhere, and why precisely now in this manner, to me, to my life? When producers of fictional films succeed, they are successful because they remind their souls about other views from other worlds, the which they have visited, seen and participated. A deja-vu, experiences from other reincarnations, karma and amendments. This is a gradual reminiscence, of accepting the other reality which exists and resides within us. Therefore, guided imagery is a collective memory of the soul, participating in a joint journey experienced by all the souls throughout the universe. So why is this reminiscence experienced with greater vigor while being in water? A journey back home to the Creator passes through the cosmic womb – Mother Earth or a suitable surrounding such as water, wind, matter, fire – there the soul was quarried. Why does water remind this? Why is the body made up of 80% of the element of water? And why does the Earth contain 80% of the element of water?
Light is matter and energy.
Water is matter and energy.
Since water changes and air is the wind of breathing so is a human being, a combination of all of these within a material body.
Many times before, we made the acquaintance with the saying that the planet is the womb – Mother Earth, but what is the real significance when we say this?
The entire human body is considered to be a reflection of the Primary Creator – we were created in his own image. And since our body emits and receives, creates and produces life – these lives are created upon the face of the Earth, this is the only planet in which life exists within a condensed body possessing significance and value – the soul. Only a body which contains energy, wind – air – matter, can exist in this planet, the planet nourishes and we are being nourished in accordance with the understanding that we were created in his own image, we are actually within the “divine” womb – in comparison to the infinity of “God’s body” – when we are being nourished and we nourish our surroundings with liveliness, love, continuity and with the energy emitted from us, nourishing others, then the energetic grid comes into being – the energy that embraces and protects the fetus – it is the cosmic placenta that safeguards its fetus.
When we create painful situations that hurt us and the internal environment in which we live, the placenta – the womb – the Earth hurts and regrets the loss of life, the fertilizing energy, it emits us.
We have lost the positive nourishment that bridges and builds worlds, demanding to tell us that this is enough, that it has had enough of the foreign “body” within it and it is asking to convert this negative energy existent within and heal.
Therefore, the water and the air are the connection to the human body since flesh is matter, it changes and converts itself according to the needs and the physical ability to maintain its wholeness when it is positive and it fertilizes itself, just like a part of an infected organ that must be amputated in order to make sure that the entire organ will not be wounded, damaged and irreversible damage will be caused.
Thanks to the great light which is absorbed by our souls and bodies, we allow the existence of the most important element on Earth – the changing water, in any shape and form – the existence of life. Wind – air - hole.
Changing water – gas – matter – solid. Receiving and emitting – as the physical body, they constitute a common denominator for the essence of life’s existence within the physical body and the water. The spiritual “tools” in the physical world are light and water, both purify and cleanse, empower and charge the body and the soul. The joint connection between them is complementary.

What do these have to do with Reconnection?

The Creator’s heartbeat is the period of time we experience since the creation of the world until the moment in which a new world will be constructed. Countless infinite spaces upon which a chain is becoming intertwined – the cosmic energetic light grid. Every energy emission from the 12 existent bodies and the 122 energy centers, even if we do not see them or are not aware of their existence, express the existing continued integrity of the placenta on the other side of the planet. Feelings of anger, pain, disappointment, love, happiness and more are the glue that connects or disconnects the souls to/from Mother Earth, to the divine “womb” that seeks to grant us enlightenment and serenity, love and acceptance, to create matter which is light and energy. Spreading lightly all over, wrapping and embracing her loved ones all around – this is the real Creation.

סיגלית גוסטר


I am a mother for five amazing girls.
They were the reason, the cause and the true essence of my soul exploration when it began its path of transformation. If it were not for them, I wouldn’t have been here today. By choosing me as their mother, they enabled me to grow, evolve, hurt, feel and change.
2019 Sigalit Guster
Digital Workshop
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