Past life Regression (PLR)


A spiritual development over Mediumship and Past Life Regression (PLR). During my spiritual journeys as a medium and Mediumship sessions with the uppermost worlds, I have experienced experiences in which I received answers to patterns, situations that hardened, facilitated or dragged me in my life. None of these could prepare me for this new journey […]

imagination, Past life regression (plr) and reconnection

Through the body’s sensation in water, arose the feelings that gave rise to these insights and enlightenments. The flotation on the water brought up a distant memory of something familiar and known…from where? And this is how it began: where does this memory come from? Maybe it is just a figment of my imagination and […]

Past life regression (PLR)

Reincarnation is not a theory, a belief or a psychological product but an accurate science integrating awareness and matter, a conscious self-principle which does not depend on the physical body that envelopes us. A feeling of deja-vu – we have been here once, why did we meet with this person or another one and alternatively, […]

Proof of Reincarnation

A famous and skeptical psychiatrist, who could not even imagine the possibility of reincarnation, underwent an unusual experience with one of his patients. He called her Catherine (an alias). Dr. Brian Weiss tried to treat her using a regular psychotherapeutic treatment, but Catherine did not respond to the treatment. In order to uncover the origin […]

סיגלית גוסטר

מי אני?

בראש ובראשונה אני אמא ל -5 בנות מדהימות!
ולא בכדי מציינת אני זאת, הם היו הסיבה, הגורם, המהות האמיתית של נשמתי כשהחלה בדרך של שינוי, אלמלא הן לא יכולתי להיות פה היום. ע"י בחירתן בי כאמא - הן אפשרו לי ללמוד ולהתפתח,לכאוב, להרגיש ולהשתנות.
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