Welcome to the path of the spirit!

סיגלית גוסטר

Reconnecting to the source of our soul’s spark

Each reflection, every spark of our soul, receives a karmic-physical expression, supporting/not supporting our lives. The reflection depends on several factors linking different dimensions, yet mutually dependent on each other, with the intention of selecting the direction towards which the wind will carry us. The path of the spirit centre should be addressed as a tool to bear our ship to its destination and that can be achieved by asking the right questions; Can we choose a life of abundance, fulfilment and enlightenment? Will we release our soul from the barriers it bears since long ago? Is it possible to reach our destination safely? Similarly the soul goes through these conflicts – the flagship of our lives!Sigalit Guster is the founder of “Path of the Spirit” Centre. Sigalit was trained by at the best teachers in the world for Energy Healing and Spiritual Development since 1999. She studied Dr. Nader Butto’s healing technique - energy wash out, as well as Melody’s metaphysical & mineralogical aspects of Crystals research and Dr. Eric Pearl’s healing technique - Reconnection. Sigalit graduated the College of Spiritual Studies and became a teacher at the College for 3 years along with being Dr. Eric Pearl representative which enabled her teaching his students in Israel and abroad. Sigalit completed her PhD in Complementary Medicine at the York University in

Mediumship/ Channelling Course

Learning from the very basics of understanding the concept and words to practice channelling and  comprehending the meanings of messages

Kabbalistic Medicine Course

Embracing the spiritual frequency with the assistance of the Kabbalah wisdom…

Past life Regression (plr) Course

A unique and personal Course linking between the Jewish Kabbalah Theory and physical reality…

Workshops, Lectures and Seminars

A platform to learn about other people’s struggles and how they overcame it, manifestation, messages and meditation...