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A diagnostic therapeutic method that refers to a human being as a unique spiritual essence composed of a body, a mind and a soul which can be defined by scientific terms based on ideas and terms existent in Quantum Physics.

The method’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it clearly and fully defines the connection between a mental crisis and a damaged organ, in addition to tying the manner of response to the crisis with the specific type of disease that appears in the organ, which is energetically associated to the crisis. In this manner, it is possible to comprehend the essence of the crisis by observing the disease and identifying the kind of response suitable for handling the crisis.

The human body is healthy when energy flows freely between the poles, at a rate of four stages.

The heart beats at the right pace. The intestinal muscles evacuate waste. Blood flows to the genitalia. Sperms fertilise ovum. The womb contracts and a baby comes into the world. The natural order functions as long as the energies flow freely between both poles, but when for some reason an energetic blockage is being caused, or when energy flows as opposed to the direction having a positive electric charge, and from an envelope with a third electric charge.

When the polarity between the electric charges functions properly, oxygen flows into the cell and metabolic activity is carried out within it.

However, when a short in the flow of energy occurs, the oxygen flow to the cell is disrupted and the metabolic process is halted.

Dr. Nader Butto, a senior cardiologist and a catheterising physician at the Rabin Medical Centre, has developed a unique treatment method based on a therapeutic technique called “Energy Wash-out”.

Dr. Nader’s method is based on two main processes:

  1. A diagnosis method based on the connection between a mental crisis and an energetic blockage at a specific location in the body, and the usage of the seventh sense and the blinking technique through which not only the energetic blockage can be diagnosed but also the mental crisis that caused that blockage as well as the year in which the blockage occurred. The treatment method is called “Energy Wash-out” and during its execution, a simultaneous mental and physical energetic release is carried out.
  2. The release of the energetic blockages that were formed as a result of mental crises and the renewal of energy flow, relaxes the damaged organs and imbues the patient with internal happiness.

The purpose of Energy Wash-out is to renew the flow of life in the body between its two main poles (the head and the soles), by opening the energy centers (the Chakra’s) and causing an energy flow along the meridians and the organs.

During the Energy Wash-out process, emotionally pent-up energy is released, expressed in the form of crying, shouts and laughter until the appearance of a tremor, which indicates the existence of a continuous energetic passage within the body.

It is important to note that during the entire treatment, the patient remains fully conscious, aware of all that is happening to him and able to remember afterwards the details that arose.

The treatment itself lasts about one hour and it allows the body to cleanse, release and open blockages and mental blocks (inhibitions) from the patient’s subconscious mind to his conscious mind and the result is immediate.

Every patient who undergoes an Energy Wash-out process can, with the assistance of the correct training, perform a self-wash-out before falling asleep. This is a simple technique which aims to prevent the buildup of tension within the body and enable night-time loading, providing a feeling of freedom, health and strength in the following morning.

For whom is the treatment intended?

Curing existent diseases, every person who feels a tension drop within his body, his soul. A person who wants to heal and relate to himself, to allow himself a sound life, full of liveliness and strength.
In one sentence: to charge the batteries and release blockages and diseases.

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Energy wash-out

A diagnostic therapeutic method that refers to a human being as a unique spiritual essence composed of a body, a mind and a soul which can be defined by scientific terms based on ideas and terms existent in Quantum Physics. The method’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it clearly and fully defines the connection […]

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